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Conducting Heat Mapping Or Site Surveys

As you are planning and preparing to install or update your wireless network, detecting the various interfering signals and obstructions is incredibly difficult without advanced heat mapping and wireless site surveys. There are both physical properties, such as walls, rooms, and other items, as well as non-physical items like RF waves and other signals that can interrupt a WiFi network.

Many companies don't realize the extensive list of items to consider when installing a WiFi network. If your network has connectivity, reliability, or dead spot issues, a heat map or a wireless site survey is a useful resource to troubleshoot problems. Site surveys performed by our team at DEVsource can help your business pinpoint issues and calculate if your network equipment (switches, extenders, and access points) can handle the size and the number of users on your WiFi.

Here's how we plan a wireless site survey

  • We learn about your wireless network needs The size of your business premises, the type of work your employees perform, and the number of workstations in the office all are factors in building a sound wireless network.
  • Review the Blueprints We'll look at your blueprints and/or CAD files, and look for any potential connectivity barriers in your building infrastructure.
  • Analyze the heat map and the area After conducting a site survey and heat map, we'll look at the areas visually and with the building files in comparison to the heat map data.
  • How DEVsource heat mapping services can help

    As the internet and our adoption of technology has expanded, wireless networks that were deployed 10 years ago may not be up to par nowadays- or the network may not yet be wireless. Installing a fully functional wireless network is beneficial for your employees and your clients; it's a common expectation today that a business has a public WiFi network for current and prospective clients to access. Not to mention the internal benefits, employees moving from their desk to the breakroom and conference room throughout the day experience seamless connectivity with proper WiFi.

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    We can help your company troubleshoot, plan, and execute a resolution for troublesome wireless networks. The business operations and workflow of your employees can greatly benefit through repairing internet connectivity issues via efficiency gains and a reduction in time spent trying to repair problems.

    DEVsource conducts wireless (WiFi) site surveys and heat mapping services for companies in the Bowling Green, KY area. Our WiFi site surveys can easily identify any dead zones or problematic issues in your wireless network. We have worked with numerous companies to improve their wireless networks across a variety of industries and locations- contact our team today to learn more!

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