Their technicians are highly skilled...

Their technicians are highly skilled…

Our company has outsourced all IT services to DevSource for the past five years. During that time they have completely upgraded our systems including a new digital phone system, new servers, new security software and new software in sales and customer service. In addition we have added three remote ...Read More

Mike Cowen
Sportable Scoreboards

Friendliest staff!

It was the first time we had set up our network, so we needed someone that could come in and set it up for us and show us how to use it. We contact DEVsource, let them know what our issue is. They notify us and tell us they have received it. And they tell us about when someone is going to come out and ...Read More

David Edwards
Edwards & Daniel Attorneys at Law

…very eager to help…

The process working with DEVsource is very easy. People that work at DEVsource are very friendly, very hospitable, very eager to help assist in whatever problem I might have. To request service you can request a service online, you can phone call and go through their system and I’m old school so I ...Read More

Denise Wardle
T.A.R.P. Center for Independent Living

You have to have someone that you can trust

I think one of the things that we value is an expert opinion in technical matters that we can trust. In this business we have to rely on someone’s opinion. Every group has somewhat of an agenda, everybody has something that they are trying to sell. You have to have someone that you can trust. It’s ...Read More

Mike Daniel
Sportable Scoreboards

These guys know what they’re talking about

We are kind of a small organization with remote locations. We don’t have all of the technological issues that some may have but from talking with and understanding that there are the large businesses that do use DEVsource it gives me comfort to know that if we have the need for expansion in some way ...Read More

Greg Delancey
Taylor Motors

…desire to get better

I appreciate Mike’s desire to get better. As a small business owner myself, I think it’s easy to know what you are good at.  And I can appreciate the desire to get better. Every problem we have, every email I get when the solution is found it is always followed up with an email, ‘how did we do?’ ...Read More

Mike Stanger
SBG Real Property Professionals

…extremely responsive and professional

Kingdom Trust Company has worked with you now for five years now and it’s been a good experience. I think from that standpoint I would say if someone is looking for a group to come in and handle the day-to-day piece and be responsive, the group is extremely responsive and professional. When you don’t ...Read More

Bo Ives
Kingdom Trust Company

Really the ease with which things can be scheduled and resolved. There’s generally not a large wait time. DEVsource and Chip and the others in the office have always been very responsive to our needs and also just the helpful suggestions. When they come in, if there is an onsite visit, they come in ...Read More

Sean Caldwell
West Kentucky Educational Cooperative

The process working with DEVsource is really very easy. The guys are all very knowledgeable. We have the same set of guys work on our problems every time. So there’s no new person trying to figure out our setup. I feel like we can always call whenever we have a problem whether its 9 o clock in the ...Read More

Ami Darnall
Raptor Petroleum